Activities and Guided Tours

Girl with paddle and kayak  6
Group of Kayakers on the Silver River
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Wildlife at Silver Springs

9. Turtle laugh
25.Great Egret
Alligator babies and Mom 11x14 0971
American Alligator 2349
anhinga 5825
Bald eagle _150Orange lake 2010
Big Bass ECU
Cormorant 9448
Gar Silver Springs 52
Gator chases frog 047
Gopher tortoise 0962
Great egret 2956
Manatee in the silver river 2117
Raccoon _12311T.0000000F
Racoon 121
Swallow tailed Kite 2371
Turtle 1600
White ibis 2867
Whitetail 1138
Whitetail deer 1148
Wood duck 5899
Wood Duck ducklings 2314
Wood Duck_male_0176
Yellow crowned heron 2919
yellow crowned night heron 5894

Weddings and Events

Wedding party by cake
Bride and Groom Walking Together in their Wedding Day.
Beautiful young bride sitting on boat
Beautiful wedding ceremony
Bride and groom
wedding decor flowers